Battlestar Galactica Reimagined

2 02 2006
Battlestar Galactica

Not for a long time has a sci-fi show struck such a profound chord in my mind that is BSG. I saw some adverts for it a while ago, and for some reason it just didn’t catch my attention, Up until a month that is. I started off by watching “33”, not the mini-series and was immediately enthralled and captivated by this series. I was particularly impressed by “President” Laura Roslin’s (Mary McDonnell) performance in that one episode, that led me wanting to know more about the entire show. Soon after I found myself watching everything from the mini-series to “Black Market”, and what a ride it has been.

^Above: So… Scientists do get the girls? 😉

The series is filled with MANY sub plots and hidden profound meanings. It’s a gritty reflection on human behaviour, and you can see that none of the characters have been sanitized in anyway. Giving you flawed, deep and engrossing characters, that will just keep you wanting for more. Did also mention that there is abundance of hotties in this series? :-p

^Democracy or the military, Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) is often left bridging the gap between the president (left) and his father, Admiral Adama.

The Effect of the gods

Throughout the series, religion plays it’s part. The colonies themselves are names after 12 constellations (Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus etc) from the Greek tradition and writings of Claudius Ptolemy, who plotted out many of the well-known constellations we recognise today. Greek history and religion is the very pinnacle and basis of the religious element in BSG. Apollo a greek god is the call sign for Lee Adama, expressions such as “Thank the gods” and Six’s (Tricia Hefler) comments about believing in a single god (proposed by the Cylons) all reference ancient Greek history, and the Cylons “single true god” is obviously a reference to Christianity replacing the gods and deities of ancient Greece with that of modern thinking. Not to mention that “adama” is most likely a reference to adam and the religious connotations surrounding Eden.
^You may be running for your lives, but there is always time for romance 😉

This may be a fantastic series, but it does have its flaws. No-one really seems to question Baltars Cylon testing device, and he’s left to his own devices, neither is their any question of his odd behaviour by the staff. Many of which have witnessed him talking to himself (Six). Or in the episode “You can never go home” where Starbuck (Kara Thrace) plugs a Cylon Raider with nothing more than a jacket. Regardless, if given the chance this series could quickly become one of your favourites.

Human babies are out, hybrid Cylon babies are in!




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