Thoust hates ye B.A.T

10 02 2006

Gah! Last night and just before Welsh language class i tried in vain to get the pain in the arse program to work, wasn’t having a bar of it. Tempremental bugger! So, I had to familiarise myself with the BAT for Max. I’m more than happy with the result. To think ALL i wanted to do was to fiddle around with Cardiff’s B.T tower nitelites. *sigh* ahh well!

I’m not quite sure on the “Halo” lites as of yet, but i’ll get there, lots of texturing to do, since the BAT failed to save all the texture and lighting co-ordinates *joy*, would it be fair to call the BAT Sgeth*n or “UBER” sl*bog?! Regardless of the crap, the modelling is essentially finished on this baby, as soon as Steve sends me the Millenium stadium he’s been working on, I can get to exporting and modding it into the game. Although I have quite a few more Cardiff buildings to model before hand *dreads neo-classical city hall*

I hope to god I got the Welsh right, if not “Mae fflin da fi!”. I tried to keep the building as accurate as possible, there are the correct number of floors, although the walkway leading to the justice buildings(?)had to be ditched because with the stadium, cinema and tower. it would literrally kill the renderer.

Added furniture inside the “emerald box” and the floodlight boxes on top. now its just a matter of adding the rest of the textures.. Then I have to decide what building to BAT next.. maybe the castle? Although that new assembly building looks AWFUL tempting =p




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