Welsh at Pontypool Eisteddfod

17 02 2006

Well, I kinda roped myself into an acting thing March 4. Theres a an informal-type Welsh eisteddfod in Pontypool and they encourage Welsh learners to participate via the Welsh medium in Music, Drama, Dance etc…

I’ve been learning “Fflwf ar pysgod” (dont laugh!) off of ClwbMaluCachu, and wanted my teacher Jan to hear if my pronounciation was alright, the only thing I didnt get right was “Syllwych” and “pysgod”, got them conquered now though ;-). Well it so happens Jan had some papers for Pontypool Eisteddfod and asked me if i’d like to do it. Why not? I’m used to it :-p

I’d like to act in Welsh, *drools over S4C opportunities*

On a side note, I’m bloody shattered had another 7 hour shift today and another one tommorow morning, that leaves me with about 6 hours to sleep… Life sucks.




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20 02 2006

Is this different to the Colrg Gwent Eisteddfod, as I thought that was on Friday 7th of April?

20 02 2006

Damn! You are right, sorry! I just picked up the leaflet now:

” Caolfan gyuned Pont-y-pŵl comunity centre, Heol Trosnant, Pont-y-pŵl.

Nos Wener / Friday eveningm 7 April 2006. 6:45PM”

I take it your from my area Llawlyfr?

Welcome to WordPress by the way! 😉

21 02 2006

Sori, fi oedd Llawlyfr, dwi wedi agor cyfrif WordPress i weld sut mae’n gweithio

Oops, that was me, I’ve opened a WordPress account just to have a nose round. Raised your hopes a bit then I bet that another dysgwr in the ardal had a blog.

At least now you can go to the The Bell Inn, Caerllion, for their St David’s Oggies and Beer festival! Did you know that a group of Welsh speakers regularly meet up there? Check out the site. I think the owner speaks Welsh.

10 04 2006

Did you take part in the end?

12 04 2006

Certainly did!! I got second place for in the sgets/deialog/cyfueliad (sp) category :-D, for "Fflŵff a'r pysgod" Diolch i clwb malu cachu am y defnydd 😉 (hope thats right). Everyone was quite puzzled over the tile for the first 10 seconds, until "Fflŵff" popped up behind this fabric my classmates put up (dosbarth Jan, Coleg stryt Charles Casnewydd). I kinda forgot half of it for 5 seconds, but filled in the silence with two "dim problems" which everyone had a chuckle at, got back on track, and went on with it. Nos grêt, Really enjoyed it.

Popeth yn Iawn, heddiw Rhys?

Dw i'n bendegedig! *chuckle*

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