Eudaimonic Utopia?

27 02 2006

Humans in general, strive toward an ideal existence. Regardless of what individual perceptions of what “utopia” means for us collectively, we endure for a society that lays just beyond our grasp. Or is it? What if the very existence we persist in obtaining, does not lay ahead, but behind? Far, far behind.

Today’s society demands that we fall into and comply with aspects of “the modern age”. Minorities are either oppressed or are the oppressors, The majority of humans have jobs that they hate all to become the bitch to the pound, dollar frakking Yen, It doesn’t matter what the currency is, We are slaves. Only this time it’s not through tyranny or persecution, but economical wealth, either individual or on a national level, ensuring that country A has a higher GDP than country B. We work hard in jobs we couldn’t give a shit about to pay the bills and to ensure we get ourselves a little piece of paradise. The cost of your paradise is preportionate to your geographical location, class, race, gender, education, the list goes on.

I’m a firm believer that everyone on Earth has the right to see the planet, to explore, dream and discover Earth’s beauty and charms. Some people live out their entire lives, living in the same city, the same country, same job while the whole world waits to be seen. We only have one life and it’s short, much of it is spent ensuring that we can pay to keep a roof over our head, clothe and feed ourselves, in cases other people. Constantly hoping and waiting that one day we will achive enough economic stability that we can do and act as we please without having to comprimise, whether that’s fair or not is left to you, the individual to decide, but it is what everyone wants.

How can a society function if everyone does what they want? Can a society exist where individuals can pursue happiness without having to comprimise their dreams and ambitions for something they care little about? Is this the ugly side of capitalism? or does this transcend all social models?

Perhaps the closest thing to utopia we have ever had, lays far back in the past, in the cradle of civilisation where money and economics were unheard of, and you could go and do as you pleased, was this Eden? The “utopia” of mankind? No, it wasn’t. Maybe this period of time was the closest embodiement of what it meant to be free and independent, but it had it’s price too.




3 responses

3 03 2006

Let’s just hope everyone takes their Soma…

13 08 2007

As long as there are humans there shall be greed. And while there is greed there shall be oppression. Two paths exist for the future: either man shall transcend humanity and become something greater, or we shall drive ourselves to extinction. The endless future holds no place for humanity as it is now measured. I like to hope we shall find this ideal society – which will be a reflection of ideal minds.

21 12 2007
Lion Kimbro

There were hundreds of thousands of years where humans lived without greed.

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