Hedd Wyn – We Salute you!

5 03 2006

I had the opportunity to see this film for the first time a day ago. One of my classamtes from Welsh gave me it a while ago, and it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since (due to work). I finally got my arse around and saw it. The fact that I understood little of the actual to-and-fro of dialogue (due to me not being fluent, or the fact it was of the North Walian variety) was not an obstacle at all, I just sat by reading and picking up on phrases and words I did know and continued enjoying the film. It was certainly a ride! Sure some of the filming and sound techniques look old now, but you can see quite clearly how and why it won awards, It’s a great film for those out there who believe violence is never the answer, or war for that matter. Hedd Wyn the central charcter could be said to be a kind of metaphor for Wales “Land of poets and minstrels…. Harp of my country still survives” implying that the Welsh’s favourite weapon of choice is artistic rather than imperealistic.

Hedd Wyn avoids enlisting in the army as world war one beckons until there comes a point where he has to go to war. During this period he has a string of romances and writes poetry, aiming to win the noble seat at the national Eisteddfod. I wont ruin what happens, safe to say it’s a bit of tear jerker, that will leave you moved.




One response

10 03 2006
Nic Dafis

A “bit” of a tear jerker? Diawl, dw i’n methu meddwl am y peth heb lenwi lan. 🙂

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