Ail- Luniad: Caerdydd #2

22 03 2006

So, I havent posted in here for a little while! I have been modelling as you can see, the poll turned in favour of me modelling city hall over the pierhead building (narrowly i must say), theaccurate scale map of Caerdydd is coming along very well, almost entirely terraformed (yes when it’s done i’ll show you). Right now I’m gonna work ALOT on city hall, I have alot of spare time coming up soon, so plenty of time to work on this. As you can see the front of the building is mostly complete, but the neo-classical designs are gonna be a beyatch! Wish me luck 😉

oh and life is going just fine right now, I’m planning to take a TEFL coursevery soon (depends on my wage packet), so i can kiss my crappy job goodbye, then it’s off travelling and working at the same time *hopefully*. The only downside is that my continuation of learning Welsh may be hindered. Although i have heard cases of people teaching themselves, and if i do become a qualified TEFL teacher, there is no excuse! =p




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