Battlestar Galactica Countdown

22 08 2006

October 6th and Battlestar Galactica returns for it’s third series (at least for the Americans). For those that haven’t watched the show but, generally like original sci-fi. Where have you been?!

When i say original i really do mean, original. It just doesn’t touch or pander to it’s predecessor in any way. However, rather than me further profess my undying love for this series (as i have done in the past). Let’s have a recap and speculation session.

After a long war. The Cyclons, a product of mankind. Left the twelve colonies of mankind in search of “greener pastures”. A remote outpost is constructed, that serves to maintain diplomatic relations between mankind and it’s “children”. Each year the coolonials (the twelve colonies military force) send an officer. For fourty years the Cylons had sent no-one. This all changes when it is revealed to the viewers that Cylons now look human and we glimpse for the first time, a Cylon in human form:

There, she along with the colonial officer and two Cylon centurions are obliterated by a cylon missile. The shit really has hit the fan here folks…

We think she’s dead, only to be shocked, there are many copies. There are twelve “models”, they have infiltrated the colonies, asserting themselves into key positions within the colonial government and military. One who wouldlater be called a Cylon hero is “Six” (reffering to her model number), who had been sent to exploit the new colonial defence program which was being made by her lover; Gaius Baltar a self-centred, a moral but ingenious scientist, who has, to a certain extent, fallen in love with “Six”. Likewise her “other motive” was to feel “love”.

Meanwhile, the Galactica herself is undergoing it’s decommisioning ceremony when all hell breaks lose.

The Colonies are nuked by it’s own missiles, billions die within a matter of a hours. With a handful of survivors (Baltar amongst them) and the remaining humans in space. This is all what is left of mankind; less than 50,000. The new program, invented by Baltar had been sabotaged by “Six”, Greatly exploited by the Cylons, who had now come “home. In their time of absence they had developed their own version of “mysticism” and philosophy, that centred around a single god. Which is in direct confliction with the twelve colonies, who believe in the Greek gods.

Their only choice is to run and in that time, they have been hunted and betrayed. As some Cylons are “sleeper” agents, who completely believe they are human, until plans change for the benefit of the Cylons.

To motivate his morale weakened crew, Adama plays on the ancient legend of the thirteenth colony; Earth. He promises his crew and the fleet a happy end to their misery. The problem is getting there together.

Not only are their Cylon infiltraitors in the fleet, Baltar may be counted amoungst them.

Now, after a dire presidential election, which resulted in Laura Roslin failing to regain the presidency and Baltar taking it, pandering to the people’s hopes. They settle on a barely hospitable planet, with a skeleton crew and fleet in orbit. All goes well, for a time. Until they are found. The fleet flee’s from orbit, no chance to evacuate those below.

With the “new” Cylon belief in dominance and superiority, New Caprica is quickly subjucated. How will humanity survive? How will they escape? Will Baltar ever be found out for the traitor he is? Best wait till October for that answer.




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29 08 2006

Battlestar Galactica is coming soon! October is right around the corner, and we are counting the days and hours! I have a fracking awesome countdown at that is counting down until season 3 starts! Check it out too!

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