Not letting it slide…

24 11 2006

Alright, i havent updated here in a while and I’ve let my Welsh language learning slip, since my PGCE at university has practically consumed every inch of any free time i’ve had. With the onset of Christmas, things have eased down for the most part but, today, finally I parked my rear at Newport library. With the aid of a Welsh language book (to help out on my vocabulary primarily) and started to scribble away. Corrections ARE welcome, so if you see something i write that could be improved, could you say what’s wrong with it and demonstrate how it should be written? =D

My phrases of the day:

Dwi’n mynd i’r prifysgol am Casnewydd, Cymru.

Dwi’n byw yn Nghasnewydd, Cymru.

Dwi’n eisaiu un boeth siocalad a dau oren suddiau, os gwelleth chi’n dda.

Dwi’n ddim yn hoffi tories! (who would?)

Dwi’n hoffi Darllen a Cymry/Cymreig(?) hanes.

Dwi’n eisaiu i dysgu i’r gyrru.

Dwi’n athro dygu(training?) ond, dysgu Cymraeg hefyd.

Mae hi’n bwrw eirau a oer, heddiw.

Dwi’n eisaiu punt/peint(?)

Dwi’n ddim yn hoffi myndiau i coleg Merthyr Tudvil o Gasnewydd! (Casnewydd mutates after o?)

I havent really sat down for hours checking out my spelling or grammar, this was really done on impulse. There are a few words in there that are most certainly spelt incorrectly but, i’m not worrying about that too much now.

Speaking of Welsh, a few weeks ago at uni, a guy from my course was discussing with 2 others that Welsh language should no longer be part of the cirriculum in Wales as it’s a “pointless language” or words to the effect. Since i was working with them, i just gave a firm “no, it’s not going to happen”. To which he replied: “You’re a Welsh speaker then?”, me: “I’m a learner”. Then deadly silence folowed by: “We’ll have to talk about it sometime”. Well, okay… :p

Other than that, I’m beginning to teach my own lessons at Merthyr college but, the journey there via public transport from Newport is just sick! Have to get up at 6am, i’m a student damnit!

I ave nothing but empathy for those that have to get up at 6am for work. Pure empathy.

Welsh word of the day: “Rhyw”




4 responses

27 11 2006

gwladgarwr = patriot (male)
gwladgarwraig = patriot (female)
gwladgarwyr = patriots (plural)

28 11 2006

Dwi’n mynd i’r Brifysgol Cymru, Casnewydd.

Dwi’n byw yn Nghasnewydd, Cymru.

Dwi’n eisaiu un boeth siocalad a dau oren suddiau, os gwelleth chi’n dda.

Dwi ddim yn hoffi tories! (who would?) [Dwi ddim yn hoffi y Tories/Toriaid = I don’t like the Tories]

Dwi’n hoffi Darllen [am] hanes Cymru.

Hanes Cymru = History of Wales
Hanes [y] Cymry = History of the Welsh [people]
….. Cymreig = something that is Welsh
….. Cymraeg = something that is in Welsh / Welsh speaking

Dwi eisiau dysgu i yrru.

Dwi’n hyfforddi i fod yn athro, ond yn dysgu Cymraeg hefyd.

Mae hi’n bwrw eira ac yn oer, heddiw.

Dwi eisiau peint (‘punt’ is £)

Dwi ddim yn hoffi mynd i goleg Merthyr Tudful o Gasnewydd!

Da iawn, ti’n cofio llawer o Gymraeg (You remember a lot of Welsh). A lot of the mistakes were obviously typo’s 😉

You mix up when to use ‘Dwi’ a ‘Dwi’n’ quite a lot, which is a common mistake amongst learners.
Dwi… = I….
Dwi’n (Dwi yn) = I do*…. (*this might not be strictly correct, but it’s the best explanation I can give.

Pa bwnc fyddi di’n ddysgu? (don’t scroll down for translation!)
What subject will you be teaching

29 11 2006

@ “Dysgwr” Diolch yn fawr, ive started looking into plurals recently. Alot less intimidating than I thought they would be.

@ Rhys ardderchog! bit “ofnadwy” when it comes to spelling! Da iawn! Gotta watch out for those mutations!

Dw i ddysgu (mutation after vowel?) drama a actio unig, ddim dawns! Or sing for that matter, unless a voice sounding like cheese grater on steel constitutes “singing”. Then i’m ffwcio bendigedig!!

(I hope that wasn’t too bad)

30 11 2006

Dw i‘n dysgu drama ac actio yn unig 😉

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