Update: 3D Modelling – Cardiff City Hall

31 03 2007

Now that I’ve actually got some time off uni, I’ve started work on city hall again.. It’s really starting to come into it’s own!

Click to enlarge:




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29 09 2007

Hello, Hi there,

Are you interested to get your AutoCAD or 3d modeling work done by us ?

We are expert in industrial autocad designing/drafting as well in 3D modelling through autoCAD, Pro/E, Solid Edge, Uni-graphics, Ideas , etc programmes.

We are based at India, and already working for the established agencies worldwide who are now busy in only signing the assignments because we are here to get the job done for them.

If you are interested to handover the complex part of your assignment to us, we are ready to join hands.

The 3D Workshop

26 10 2007
de maulana

good work designed, conratulations.
if you can see at http://www.bandung.go.id – that you see heritage build in bandung west java indonesia

thank u

de maulana_ http://www.greengraphic.wordpress.com

4 02 2008

hi i want to do modelling but im only 14 and 5’6 tall.

30 05 2008

Reply says : I absolutely agree with this !

6 03 2011

That’s very impressive I’ve never tried 3d modelling before. It’s looking good

8 04 2016

to “To_GOD_be_all_the_glory” , “newbluediamond” and “LL” … Come on http://tropaadet.dk/montoyacortez72198081845

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