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I live in Newport, Wales, UK. I’m 23 years old, I graduated last year from the University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd with a BA (hons) in Drama, Theatre and Media. I mainly focused on acting during my degree but also studied scriptwriting and video production (directing for both stage and screen).

My second year of uni was mostly spent abroad on an exchange study. For 5 months Missouri was “home”. The time I spent at Central Missouri State University was probably the best time of my university “life”. I’d recommend anyone to go on exchange. While there I tried to see as much of the U.S as was possible, taking me to Houston, St Louis (Mardi Gras), Kansas City, Springfield and New York City.

I have worked alot as an “extra” for the BBC, ITV and S4C.

  • Tracy Beaker – CBBC – “Speaking” part, “Oi” *LOL*
  • First Degree – BBC – Extra – Student
  • Sean a Siân – S4C – Extra -Drunk Bloke in Cardiff
  • Hearts of Gold – ITV – Extra a miners minor!
  • A few others

I once auditioned for an IkEA advert a few years ago, it was my first audition. I was incredibly nervous, didn’t get it. But it was a learning curve.
I am an strong Welsh patriot, with some very radical political views not just pertaining to Wales but the world in general. I’m more than capable of holding my ground. That said I’m always open to hearing the otherside of the debate. I just dislike those people who pass of their opinion as factual evidence.

I’m agnostic, nothing personal. Just the way I see the world.

I’ll put more crap on here later.


7 responses

16 08 2006
Jeff Rees

Ever considered standing for the City Council?

12 01 2015

Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear measegs!

22 08 2006

Not really, an interesting idea though!

25 08 2006
Jeff Rees

Well how about some volunteer work for the 2007 election.

25 08 2006

Depends, which party would i be volunteering for? *squirms at the thought of supporting the tories*.

26 08 2006
Jeff Rees

Easy – Plaid, please contact me by e mail rees_jeff@hotmail.com
hwyl Jeff

6 10 2006

Oi, Oi, get in there. I wouldn’t vote for you tho, Gaz; it’s no the Tory party.

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