My battered Welsh dictionary

20 04 2006

What's so interesting about a dictionary you may ask? This is the one in question:

It's abit tired looking now, worn on the edges, as you might expect from being a few years old, and I really had not counted on buying it to begin with. I bought it more on impulse, you could say I bought it out of a sense of pride. Pride? What pride can you possibly get out of a dictionary? Especially being the only one wedged between Yiddish and some other language. Being in a foreign country certainly helps, noting that some other place is aware of this small country and even smaller the minority who speak it. Have I held you in suspense enough? So where did i buy this particular dictionary? None other:

The United Nations building in New York City. Lodged between Yiddish and another language was my dictionary, So while we may not "legally" be a nation on an absurd archaic historical legal term. At least our language is recognised by the United Nations, even if we do have problems making it "official" in Wales. Perhaps one day, we'll have our own seat in the general assembly, not just the one in the bay.


Recreation: Caerdydd

15 02 2006

Steve’s done a pretty incredible job on the modelling thus far, the athletic club and cinema, needs some work primarily, but overall just a few details are needed before he can send it my way for nightlighting. The huge gap over on the far right hand side is where the BT tower will go, although I made a massive error apparently theres a smaller building connected to the BT tower right at the back that needed to be modelled. Absolutely hideous looking though, something you’d imagine a top-security prison would look like (small windows, steel out front), it’s been named: “The ugly building”, thankfully it’s only small and out of the way. Although why any architect who designed the thing would think such a prisonesque building would look attractive is anyones guess. 😉

/\\/Something familiar eh?

Martin kindly opened a poll on the SCC forums amongst others for people to vote on the next building to be BATted, the choices are the “Pierhead Building” and “The National Assembly” in Cardiff Bay and City Hall in the City Centre *again dreads neo-classical designs*. So you (who ever the hell is reading this can vote there or you can comment here, you dont have to be registered either), I started a little on Cardiff City Hall:

/\ Not much I realise, but then I may have to switch to modelling the pierhead depending on the votes.

In other News:

I need to seriously revise for Welsh, I’m starting to feel myself falling behind abit. Half-term should be alright though, as long as I keep going over it, it’ll sink in. We’ve started learning the whole “mynd” thing, such as “Dw i’n mynd nofio”, “Dw i’n mynd safle bws” etc.. That wasn’t too hard at all. Although I have nothing to compare; I reckon cwrs mynediad aint half bad compared to the older ones. According to the last Welsh Day school I went to in “Brynglas” (Casnewydd), It only came into effect this year. Nice to know I’m a guinea pig =p.

Sometimes I wish Newport wasn’t so shit. Has anyone seen the state of the former art college next to the Usk, by TJ’s? They should never have let that building disintegrate. more shockingly, I was talking to Andrew from work monday, apparently they are going to rip down some buildings near there, ahh well whats a couple of old buildings. I mean Newport council did build a road through an ancient castle, humouresly now that the new distributor road has been built they will be ripping them out. No foresight at all. No wonder I prefer Cardiff better!

*Note to self* Must get drunk on the weekend.

New Photos added

7 02 2006

I’ve uploaded some pictures of Cardiff and Newport I took last year, enjoy =)

      Cardiff / Caerdydd          Newport / Casnewydd

Click either image to be redirected to the gallery page.

Welsh Assembly Building Opens

7 02 2006

The Senate / Y Senedd, opened today in Cardiff.

Interestingly “The Senate” implies that it has all the powers thereof a parliament, sadly it doesn’t quite have that power, yet. Although judging by the vast majority of the Welsh it may not be so far fatched to conceed that one day it will.

^The entrance to the assembly is striking

^The cowl above the chamber rotates to ease circulation of air

^The building is filled with natural materials including wood and slate.
Of which comes from Wales, some of the wood itself is reclaimed.

^This mirrored cone can be lowered to alter light levels in the chamber

^Assembly Ministers meet in the chamber for the first time
Visitors will have unrestricted access on the main plinth level. They’ll be able to look down into the debating chamber, and watch their AM below.

Totally Green

The building was desigined with “green” principles in mind, resulting in one of Europes most organically green buildings to date. Loaded with energy saving, renewable energy and recycling features, here are just some of them:

  • The building can use the ground as a heat source.
  • Can use wood chips or pellets for the boiler
  • Rainwater can be collected via the huge steel coloumns supporting the roof to supply the toilets and wash the windows

^The Assembly building looks out onto Cardiff bay / Bae Caerdydd

The Price tag
The building cost more and more as time progressed the total cost came to a whopping £67M. At one point the building was left unfinished for two years due to a dispute between the Welsh Assembly government and Lord Rogers, The architect of the building.

The spiralling price tag and the 2 year gap angered many who believed that the assembly building was a waste of tax payers money.

^The debating chamber, ready for the computer panels to be installed

I personally love the organic quality of this building, and I feel it reflects the modern Wales today. Time will tell if the price tag was worth it though…

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