My battered Welsh dictionary

20 04 2006

What's so interesting about a dictionary you may ask? This is the one in question:

It's abit tired looking now, worn on the edges, as you might expect from being a few years old, and I really had not counted on buying it to begin with. I bought it more on impulse, you could say I bought it out of a sense of pride. Pride? What pride can you possibly get out of a dictionary? Especially being the only one wedged between Yiddish and some other language. Being in a foreign country certainly helps, noting that some other place is aware of this small country and even smaller the minority who speak it. Have I held you in suspense enough? So where did i buy this particular dictionary? None other:

The United Nations building in New York City. Lodged between Yiddish and another language was my dictionary, So while we may not "legally" be a nation on an absurd archaic historical legal term. At least our language is recognised by the United Nations, even if we do have problems making it "official" in Wales. Perhaps one day, we'll have our own seat in the general assembly, not just the one in the bay.


Fflŵff a’r Pysgod

18 04 2006

Well, long time no see folks! As you can see, i've given the place a bit of a clean up. I added my own custom header image. It's is Cardiff, I took it last year during summer. Some other crap on the right (Mewnosod crap yma). Unfortunately the flickr widget for this particular wordpress theme isn't working yet, but rest assured i'll be adding it to the side bar as soon as I can.

 In other news, since Rhys asked =) I won second place for the "sgets/deialog/cyfieliad" category at the Pontypool learners eisteddfod for "Fflŵff a'r pysgod" which i vigorously memorised over the course of three weeks, I didnt do too badly considering it was quite a hefty amount of words that i was unfamiliar with, pfft who cares!

There was just two lines that threw me during the performance: "Mae pwll yn rhewi ac mae'r pysgod yn nofio dan y rhew. Mae fflŵff yn gwylio'r pysgod y nofio yma ag acw." They threw me because (to me at least) the rythum and the structure of each, are remarkably similar, especially the ending's which i had to keep going over to make it sink in. Grêt though, I had a nos bendegedig. (Hows that for Wenglish?) =p

In other unrelated news, i quit my job at the infamously bad "hotel" in central Newport. Note to everyone, they will rip you off! =p Slander!