Willy Mason

14 08 2006

I can’t believe i havent added this to my wordpress blog before, so it’s about time i did. If you havent heard of Willy Mason before, you should! He’s been described as the “next” Bob Dylan by some, I just believe his lyrics (especially in “Oxygen”) are ones that touch the soul. Makes a change from the usual pop trash of Britney Spears, eh?


Is Newport English?

8 08 2006

Recently ive become very active at the BBC forums for South East Wales, which can be found here. There is quite a sizeable amount of individuals on there that are quite prejudiced, not just with those that say they are “Welsh” and from Newport/Casnewydd, but also with Welsh language and the Welsh assembly. If there is EVER a perfect example of centrists who would rather see the Welsh language wiped out as well as the assembly it’s here.

Now I must be part of an “unusual” and fringe generation to consider myself “Welsh” being born in Newport. Apparently because Monmouthsire was “part of England”, this ultimately means that Newport will always be English. What some individuals fail to recognise is that before England claimed it as it’s own, it was Welsh. Back further parts of Northern England and South West England were Welsh speaking areas, it’s unbelievable the amount of double standards that are expressed there.

The question I ask however, is this just specific to Newport county? or is this just one example of all border cities, towns and villages right across Wales?

More worringly are those individuals that claim to be “Welsh” but are quite happy to let the language die and/or allow the Welsh Assembly to be dispersed completely. Perhaps that’s too nationalistic in tone?
One guy even complained about having bilingual leaflets and bills in his post!

I was enlightened in the fact that I must be part of a generation (or two) that IS embracing, not just the language of Wales but it’s culture and history too. I believe alot of the posters that participate in the discussions were born and raised at a time when Monmouthshire was “part of England”. So I suppose that explains at least part of the crap they speak.

One good thing I have noticed is that my recent challenging opinions of their statements have brought alot of other Welshies out. 😉

Word of warning: Expect extreme prejudiced views on those boards.

I really should write more

20 07 2006

I really should pay more attention to the blog i realise, well recent happenings are:

I’m a bit sunburned and I had an interview for a PGCE Teaching course out Caerleon Uni. Fingers crossed that, within two weeks i’ll hear back from them stating “You have been accepted”. Till then, keep it real and watch out for the Ninja’s.


Back the Bid – Or Die

13 05 2006

Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg are holding a large rally up in "Aber" (for us southerners) here is more info. Hopefully it'll pave the way for a new Welsh Language act, in get this Wales. (Sweet lord, who would have thought it!) =p. Well enough sarcasm on my part. It's a good move, lets hope Welsh is recognised as Wales' official language.

Oh and other learners like myself, i'd recommend signing upto the Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg newsletters, keeps you informed of the "happenings" of Welsh.

In other news my foundation level Welsh course ends in about three weeks! I've learned alot, but theres plent more to learn. Especially in vocabulary.

da boch chi pawb! Mae hi'n boeth heddiw, mmmm heulog yn Cymru. Shocker!

Ail- Luniad: Caerdydd Launched!

21 04 2006

Well I finally finished it off for the project i have on the side, the map is as accurate to the real thing as i could get, little differences in terrain height will be added as i actually build cardiff in-game, but all in all, i think it's pretty damn accurate considering most of it was hand terraformed, painstakingly tile by tile (there are over 160). Let the games begin!

 want to see more? Recreation: Cardiff. Rebuilding the Welsh Capital

My battered Welsh dictionary

20 04 2006

What's so interesting about a dictionary you may ask? This is the one in question:

It's abit tired looking now, worn on the edges, as you might expect from being a few years old, and I really had not counted on buying it to begin with. I bought it more on impulse, you could say I bought it out of a sense of pride. Pride? What pride can you possibly get out of a dictionary? Especially being the only one wedged between Yiddish and some other language. Being in a foreign country certainly helps, noting that some other place is aware of this small country and even smaller the minority who speak it. Have I held you in suspense enough? So where did i buy this particular dictionary? None other:

The United Nations building in New York City. Lodged between Yiddish and another language was my dictionary, So while we may not "legally" be a nation on an absurd archaic historical legal term. At least our language is recognised by the United Nations, even if we do have problems making it "official" in Wales. Perhaps one day, we'll have our own seat in the general assembly, not just the one in the bay.

Fflŵff a’r Pysgod

18 04 2006

Well, long time no see folks! As you can see, i've given the place a bit of a clean up. I added my own custom header image. It's is Cardiff, I took it last year during summer. Some other crap on the right (Mewnosod crap yma). Unfortunately the flickr widget for this particular wordpress theme isn't working yet, but rest assured i'll be adding it to the side bar as soon as I can.

 In other news, since Rhys asked =) I won second place for the "sgets/deialog/cyfieliad" category at the Pontypool learners eisteddfod for http://www.clwbmalucachu.co.uk/short_stories/level_1_pysgod.htm "Fflŵff a'r pysgod" which i vigorously memorised over the course of three weeks, I didnt do too badly considering it was quite a hefty amount of words that i was unfamiliar with, pfft who cares!

There was just two lines that threw me during the performance: "Mae pwll yn rhewi ac mae'r pysgod yn nofio dan y rhew. Mae fflŵff yn gwylio'r pysgod y nofio yma ag acw." They threw me because (to me at least) the rythum and the structure of each, are remarkably similar, especially the ending's which i had to keep going over to make it sink in. Grêt though, I had a nos bendegedig. (Hows that for Wenglish?) =p

In other unrelated news, i quit my job at the infamously bad "hotel" in central Newport. Note to everyone, they will rip you off! =p Slander!