Periodically, I will add Video links here that I feel deserve your attention.
Climate Challenge

Climate Challenge

This is an excellent 2 minute video that has recently been shown on UK TV by the British Government. Watch it 😀

Life depends on the warmth of the sun being trapped by a layer of gases that surround the earth.
We now produce so much of these heat-trapping gases, that the layer is getting thicker, heating the world, changing our climate and threatening our way of life.
As the world gets hotter, the climate will change and some of the extreme effects we have witnessed will become more frequent, making our planet a more hostile place to live.
If we could see the gases, the causes of the problem would be obvious to everyone.
And if you could see the effect we are having on our planet you’d do something about it.
The solutions exist and it’s not too late to make a difference. But we have to act. Now. Today!
Government, Industry and individuals acting together to tackle the problem. For more information and to get involved visit
Tomorrow’s climate is today’s challenge.

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